Loaded Potato Soup

I am required to make mashed potatoes for big holidays. I hear the same line every Thanksgiving and Christmas. “You’re making mashed potatoes, right? With gravy? Right? Right? Right?” The only problem is that I make way too many and no one wants leftovers. Ever. Really. My favorite way to use the leftovers is in Loaded Potato Soup.

I call this Loaded Potato Soup because you can load it with so many different things. And if you have a family tradition of eating Clam Chowder on Christmas Eve, this is an easy way to start it.

This is not a terribly heavy soup, like many potato soups are. Because it’s made with mostly chicken broth, a little milk and just enough cream to enhance the color, you won’t find it overly filling. It will warm you up on a cold day yet not leave you hungry for something more in a couple hours.

Loaded Potato Soup (4 servings)
2 cups mashed potatoes (I recommend all purpose white potatoes)
2 tbsp butter
1/2 cup milk
A splash of cream
1/2 to 1 cup chicken broth
A dash of nutmeg
One glove garlic, crushed
Salt and pepper to taste

Warm the potatoes so they stir easily. Add the butter and milk and stir until smooth. Add the chicken broth, garlic, nutmeg, salt and pepper. Pour in the splash of cream last. I use maybe 1/4 cup, but I doubt it’s that much. Add just enough to calm the yellow of the chicken broth. 

Additions (add as many as you like)
4 slices crumbled bacon
Chopped chives
Grated sharp cheddar cheese
1 cup cooked chopped spinach
1 leek, sautéed 

Clam Chowder
Start with the Potato Soup
6.5 ounce can minced clams with liquid (reduce chicken broth)
1/2 cup chopped celery
1/2 cup potato chunks
1/2 chopped onion, sauteed

Double Alert: Double the milk but do not double the broth. Gradually add up to one cup and continue until the soup is a consistency that you like. 


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