Avocado Dip with Cilantro and Lime

Avocados have been on sale so I have been buying them just about every time I head to the store. I have made lots of guacamole, and had lots of avocado on wraps and sandwiches. I thinks avocado is a delightful vegetable or fruit or whatever it is. Yes it’s high in fat but don’t we all know by now that there’s a difference between bacon and cheeseburger fat and avocado fat?

The other night, we were having salmon and I had a bunch of avocados nearing their life expectancy. But I didn’t want guac. Into the fridge (and garden) to see what there was to play with. Lime, plain yogurt, and cilantro. A new dip is born!

Avocado Dip with Cilantro and Lime
1/2 cup avocado
1/4 cup plain yogurt
2 chopped green onions
2 tbsp fresh chopped cilantro
squeeze of lime

1. Mash the avocado
2. Add the rest of the ingredients
3. Serve immediately

This was really fantastic with the salmon. I could see it as a healthy alternative to cheese dips, too. Feel free to adjust the ingredients according to your taste. I think this would be really great with a little cayenne to spice it up. I would have chopped up some cucumber into this, too, if I had some. It would also have been wonderful with chopped jicama. Of course, then, it would have been more of a salad and less of a dip.


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