Shrimp Spring Rolls

Summer is so hard for me! My kids are always hungry and I never seem to be able to make anything fast enough for them to eat. So, they roam around grumbling about how there’s nothing to eat or they dig into crackers, toast peanut butter, chips, anything fast. Then I get dinner ready and they aren’t hungry anymore. Then we end up eating very late and this whole sick summer cycle goes on and on and on…

I had to get my thinking cap on to try to come up with some easy things I can make FAST! I remembered that last year, the Healthy Lunchtime Challenge winner from Washington made some really good spring rolls. I had never made them before I saw their recipe but they hit on all cylinders. Fast, healthy and hearty. Bingo!

Shrimp Spring Rolls (2)
2 Spring roll wrappers
10 medium shrimp, cooked, deveined and cooled
1/3 cup diced jicama
1/3 cup diced granny smith apples

1. Prepare the spring roll wrappers according to the package details.
2. Lay the prepared wrapper on a plate.
3. Lay 5 shrimp in the middle of the wrapper
4. Mix the apple and jicama and lay about half of it on top of the shrimp
5. Carefully fold the wrapper. Start at the top and fold down to cover the shrimp. Then fold in the sides and then very gently roll it down. If this doesn’t make sense, there are usually instructions on the packaging or you can look on YouTube.
6. Serve with the fold side down.

I enjoyed these without any dipping sauce. I liked the contrast of the apple and the jicama with the slight tartness of the apple being set off by the jicama. And both are nice and crunchy.

If you like the idea of spring rolls but aren’t interested in these ingredients, choose your own veggies and protein. Grab some broccoli slaw or julienne carrots. Slice up some avocado. Add chicken or fish. My plan for the week is to cook up a bunch of chicken and find some more easy recipes that I can quickly throw together in a flash for my two busy and hungry boys.

If you have ideas, please link to them in the comments!


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