Practically Instant, Homemade Potato Soup

Does your morning conversation about lunch ever go something like this?

“Honey. What would you like to take for lunch today?”
“I don’t know. Do we have any potato soup?”
“No. Sorry We don’t have any potato soup.”
“Well, can’t you make some?!?!?!”
I am so happy to tell you that now, when you are asked that question, you can answer “YES! YES YOU CAN HAVE POTATO SOUP!!! I CAN MAKE YOU POTATO SOUP RIGHT NOW

And do you know why? Because, under a carefully controlled scientific setting, I was able to make delicious Potato Soup in under 20 minutes. No. That is not a typo. My faithful assistant, and lover of potato soup timed me while I made the soup from whole potatoes to the finished product.
Practically Instant, Homemade Potato Soup
Two all purpose potatoes, peeled and chopped into teeny, tiny bits
1/4 cup chopped onion or leek
Broth to cover
Salt and pepper to taste
1. Combine chopped potatoes, leeks and broth into a microwave safe, two quart bowl that you can loosely cover.
2. Microwave on high for ten minutes. My potatoes were soft. Check yours to make sure they are.
3. Transfer to a blender and blend until smooth.
4. Depending on how thick your soup is, you may want to add more broth.
I topped my soup with chopped leeks. You can top with your favorite Potato Soup toppings like, cheese, bacon bits,  green onions, etc. And in deference to my nephew, use vegetable broth for a vegan version of this soup. 
That’s it! Seriously. In 18 minutes, I made some really fantastic Potato Soup. Did the critic rave? Well not exactly. It’s pretty early in the morning, but I did get a fairly enthusiastic, “It’s good! Can I go play the PS3 now?”

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