Exam Buster Smoothie

ebsIt’s a long week for Howard County teens. Mid Term Exams. If you listen carefully you can hear the moans and crying from homes in the north, near Mount Hebron and in the south near Atholton. Poor babies. So much to remember. Good thing I have come up with a tasty smoothie to get them energized so they can muscle through their last two days of tests!

Exam Buster Smoothie
1/2 nonfat yogurt of choice – I used vanilla
Big handful of baby spinach
about a cup of frozen cherries
1/2 scoop vanilla whey protein powder
1/2 cup water

1. Put all the ingredients in your blender in the order listed.
2. Begin blending on low and slowly increase to high.
3. Blend until it reaches your desired consistency.

The Exam Buster is not the prettiest of smoothies. You remember what happens when you combine dark green and dark red. You get a brown. But trust me on this one. It’s very tasty and with all the spinach, your teen will make it through the morning of exams with no problem.

Good luck to everyone, especially my own teen! We’re very proud of you all!


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