Strawberry Orange Smoothie

sosIt’s nice to see strawberries back in the store. It’s a pleasant reminder that spring can’t be too far away. I normally wouldn’t buy them this early, but I needed them for a birthday cake. Then I decided they would make a great addition to a smoothie.

Strawberry Orange Smoothie
1/4 cup water
1/2 cup non fat yogurt
1 orange, peeled and sectioned
1 cup strawberries, cut up as needed for your blender
1/2 scoop vanilla whey protein

1. Put the ingredients in the blender in the order listed.
2. Start blending on low and gradually increase to high.
3. Serve!

If you find that your smoothies are getting very frothy, it helps to leave them on a lower setting for a little longer, especially if you are adding greens.

No veggies hidden in this smoothie. I decided to give the kids a break. They appreciated it. One of them said this tasted like it had cream in it. No cream! In fact, hardly any fat at all, but chock full of calcium, some protein and Vitamin C, which were very helpful as we tackled clearing even more snow. If you want to add veggies, I would suggest some shredded zucchini.



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