Asparagus and Brie Orzo

aboSince spring won’t come to me, I will go to it. I made a lovely smoothie this week with one of my favorite fruits of spring; the strawberry. Today, I made some fantastic orzo with my favorite vegetable of spring; asparagus. And I threw in some brie because brie is French, and France in spring is also very nice.

Asparagus and Brie Orzo
2-3 tbsp olive oil
1/2 cup or so chopped leek or onion
salt and pepper
1 1/2 cups orzo
3 cups broth
2 tbsp butter
2-3 cups asparagus, chopped and cooked for 4 minutes in the microwave
1/3 cup brie with the rind removed, cut in chunks

1. Heat the olive oil on medium in a pan big enough to hold all the ingredients.
2. Add garlic and leeks or onion and cook thoroughly.
3. Pour uncooked Orzo into the pan and stir around until coated with the oil, etc.
4. Add a half of the broth and cook on low until the broth is absorbed by the orzo. Stir a lot!
5. Add the rest of the broth and, still on low, cook until that’s also absorbed. Keep stirring! The orzo should look creamy and be soft. If it’s too hard, add 1/2 cup more broth or water and continue cooking until the liquid is absorbed. That should be enough.
6. Add butter and cheese. Stir until incorporated.
7. Stir in the prepared asparagus.

This looked and smelled so good, I could have eaten it right out of the pan. My Faithful Assistant agreed. He really enjoyed it a lot.

We had this with some salmon that I was not very creative with but that was just fine. The two dishes complimented each other very well. I could see this making a very nice start to a new Easter tradition.

For variations, you can add some white wine in place of some of the broth. You can also add a little less asparagus and use a little chopped red pepper in its place.

31 days until spring! We can do this!



2 thoughts on “Asparagus and Brie Orzo

  1. Elizabeth @ The Bare Midriff

    Nice post. I always struggle this time of year, because I try to eat as “in season” as possible. But by the time February rolls around, I’m tired of potatoes and the apples are getting mealy. Thanks for reminding us that sometimes, a girl just needs a strawberry (or asparagus spear).

    1. Paula Post author

      Thanks, Elizabeth. I figure if it’s in the store, it’s time to buy. Thank goodness for Wegman’s wide variety and decent prices. :)


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