Raspberry Almond Smoothie

rasIf the roof comes off my house in the next few weeks, it’s probably because my kids have had a growth spurt and gone right through it. They are eating A LOT. Last week, we went through at least three pounds of bananas, two pounds of apples, four loaves of bread and a gallon and a half of milk.  Not a lot left for breakfast. Fortunately, the almond milk isn’t on their radar and somehow, they missed the raspberries, so I was able to scrounge those two measly ingredients for this smoothie.

Raspberry Almond Smoothie
1 cup almond milk
A handful of fresh raspberries (1/2 cup?)
5-6 pieces of ice

1. Place the ingredients in the blender in the order listed.
2. Begin blending on low and slowly increase speed to high.
3. Drink up!

You could throw some shredded coconut in here, or a dash of vanilla. Raspberries are not terribly sweet so you may want to add a little sweetener. I thought this was delicious. Even though I had my heart set on a different kind of smoothie, I was very happy with this one. I hope you like it too.

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