Holiday Sparkle Nutella Cake Pops

hsncp“I feel like making something.” Oh the horrors. I love my Faithful Assistant. He’s so cute. He’s funny. He’s just about the sweetest little assistant a mom can ask for. But when he wants to make something, it’s usually something that is outside my comfort zone.

He didn’t have any firm ideas this time. We looked at the ingredients on hand and remembered that we had candy melts and sparkly sugar and for some unknown reason, we decided that we should make Cake Pops. I am a very good cook and I bake well too, but I do not specialize in lovely food. That is a realm of cooking I have attempted and I have come to the conclusion that I live outside that realm. But how hard could it be? Make some balls of cake. Roll them in melted topping and sugar. Voila!

Turns out it’s a lot harder than it looks.

So hats off to all you crafty bakers that can make this little balls of fun turn out cute too. And hats off to me for trying. This whole exercise reminded me that life is not always perfect. Sometimes you have a lovely cake that looks delightful and tastes like a bit of heaven.  And sometimes you have lumpy, bumpy cake balls that look like lumps of… but taste great and were fun to try making. We tried. I’m glad we did.

Trying reminded me of two things that two friends have said. One told a story about a less than stellar day she had when she got very angry at her daughter over a bumped batch of cupcakes. The other told a story about a friend who she refers to as her “too” friend. Her friend feels she is too (fill in the blank) and this has kept her from getting close to others. Both are stories about humanity and how, try as we might, we are flawed. It takes a very big person to openly admit they are not perfect and still like themself. I’m not sure if I consider myself a big person but I KNOW I’m not perfect and I’m okay with that. I guess I’d rather try something, not succeed and learn from it than not try at all.

Will we make Cake Pops again? Probably, because right after our failure, my Faithful Assistant told me what he thought we could do differently next time to have a better results. He didn’t care at all that the Cake Pops were hideous. He only cared mildly that I yelled at the dog, but in my defense, the dog has a terrible habit of deliberately trying to trip me when I’m cooking so I drop things for him.

Holiday Sparkle Cake Balls
Box of cake mix, prepared according to instructions
One cup of Nutella
10 oz bag of Candy Melts
Fancy sugar for rolling

1. Bake the cake and let it cool slightly.
2. With your favorite graduate of 6th grade Earth Science, mimic plate tectonics with big slabs of cake and crumble your cake into a bowl.
3. Add the Nutella until mixed well.
4. Shape into one inch balls. Place a stick in them and freeze for a couple hours.
5. Melt the candy melts according to instructions. We used the microwave. It took two minutes.
6. Dip your balls of cake into the candy melt. Twirl around so they are covered completely.
7. Roll in fancy sugar and refrigerate until the topping is set.

Have a Happy 4th of July!

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