Everything is Awesome Brownies

eabWe are often late getting our kids to see movies. And when I say late, I mean, if they get to see a movie in the theatre within two weeks of release, it’s huge. This means that we just saw The Lego Movie on DVD last week. If it makes you feel any better for my kids, we kept the movie an extra day and then punished ourselves for being bad parents by not returning it to Red Box for one day after that.

You’ve seen the movie. (If not, seriously? and this is a spoiler alert.) The whole thing is basically about a dad who GLUES all his lego sets together and his kid isn’t allowed to touch them. The kid ends up making some pretty cool stuff himself, much to the amazement of his dad who ends up feeling like a heel for not letting his kid play with his stuff.

Well, it’s not just dads who do dumb things with their stuff. We moms can be a little uptight about our kitchens and baking and cooking everything JUST SO. So today, I let my Faithful Assistant make some brownies the way he wanted. We are calling them…

Everything is Awesome Brownies
1 box brownie mix prepared according to the directions
add-ins as directed by your Faithful Assistants – I think mine used about a cup each of white chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate chips

1. Mix your brownie mix.
2. Add in all the stuff.
3. Bake according to the directions on the box until a knife inserted in the middle comes our clean.
4. Clean up the mess.

I was in another room when the brownies were determined to be cool enough to eat. When I returned to the kitchen, I found that my Faithful Assistant had decided it would be easier to cut a chunk from the middle. Everything is AWESOME! Remember? That’s the idea. Let it go, too! We didn’t bake for anyone else, so does it really matter if you start to eat from the middle of the brownie pan? I don’t think it does!

When he saw me writing this post, he said, “Mom. They’re from a mix. They’re not that special.” I assured him they were special. They were his brownies his way. They are awesome.


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