Slow Roasted Salmon


We’re expecting some snow here in Central Maryland. While those of you in New England might be thinking, “You want snow? Come take some of ours,” we have had very little in the way of measurable, fun snow. What does that mean? About 7-10 inches. You can do stuff with it and thankfully, it doesn’t last too long around here.

My hope was to welcome the snow by having actual smoked salmon this weekend but that didn’t pan out. I had a large piece of salmon and I decided that since smoking is essentially slow cooking, I could do something similar in the oven.

I topped my salmon with maple syrup and sea salt and put it in a low slow oven for a two hours. That’s it! That doesn’t really require a recipe, does it? Cooking time for an eight ounce piece of salmon was about 20 minutes. Since I had a 2 1/2 lb piece, my minimum cooking time was almost two hours. I used a very low cooking temperature of 250.

I served the salmon with mung bean noodles and baby bok choy. It was a heavenly meal. There’s a little left over salmon for us to have while we wait out the storm. I know, not your typical snow day food, but it was easy to make and very tasty!


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