Asparagus and Cheese Quiche

aqQuiche is a great thing to know how to make. You can add many things to it and have a very quick and elegant meal. Everyone in my house will now eat Quiche but it hasn’t always been that way. I used to have to make up names for it like “Egg and Sausage Pie” or “Scrambled Egg Pie”. Now that my kids are older, I have given up on calling things cute little names and just call them what they are. So liberating.

I had a ton of eggs, and thanks to a school fundraiser, we were on a pie kick in my house. Time to use up the eggs and make a dinnertime pie!

Asparagus Quiche
6 – 8 eggs, lightly beaten
1 cup milk
1 cup shredded cheese of choice
1/4 diced onion – you can saute it if you’d like
1 pie shell
12 pieces of asparagus with the tough ends removed
Salt and pepper to taste

1. Beat the eggs and milk until light and fluffy.
2. Stir in the cheese, onion and salt and pepper.
3. Lay the pie crust in the bottom of a pie plate and pour the egg mixture into it.
4. Top with the whole asparagus.
5. Bake at 375 for 40 minutes until set.

I didn’t precook the asparagus so they were slightly¬†crunchy on top of the quiche. And I have to say, I was really pleased with how this looked. I’m sorry you don’t have the same experience with your image of this Quiche. I obviously took the picture with my glasses off so it’s a little blurry. Trust me. It looked good enough to serve for say, Easter brunch! If you want to add some meat, pancetta or diced ham would be a good addition. I did add some pancetta to mine because it was nearing its end date and I didn’t want to have to throw it away. Lots of Quiche recipes also call for nutmeg. I left it out. I don’t love it at all.

If asparagus is a no go in your house, feel free to throw in any old veggie that your people will eat. The nice thing about this was that, since the asparagus was on top, it was fairly easy to pick off, if that’s how things work in your house.


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