Asian Fusion Pork Tostadas

AFPTMy Spouse was off this past Monday and decided he wanted to use the smoker. That works for me! It means that I have minimal cooking to do for the many days it takes us to consume all he has smoked.

This go round, he did a pork shoulder and some salmon. We are good for the meat without anything other than sides for the first meal. We all like the freshly smoked goodness. But it quickly starts to get boring and I need to get creative very fast.

My mind went to some sort of Asian fusion thing for the pork. I googled just that and saw some interesting things, including this recipe for Mini Moo Shu Pork Pizzas from a site called Bev Cooks. It’s a beautiful site. Take a look!

I knew I wanted to make sure whatever I made had plenty of veggies in it. I ended up with my Tostadas. Actually, I ended up with Asian Fusion ________. It wasn’t until I described what I made to my friend Aimee that they actually got a name. Aimee is a clever, clever gal!

Asian Fusion Pork Tostadas
4-6 wonton or egg roll wrappers
1 cup chopped pork (previously cooked of course)
4 oz chopped mushrooms
3 chopped green onions
1 clove garlic, crushed
2 tbsp Hoisin sauce
Goat cheese
Baby greens
More Hoisin

1. Bake the wonton/egg roll wrappers according to the package instructions.
2. Saute everything else until the mushrooms are done.
3. Spoon your pork mixture on top of the wrapper. Drizzle with more Hoisin.
4. Add some goat cheese and a little handful of greens.

My creation was deemed “Fancy”. I’m not sure that I agree but it definitely looked festive and flavorful. Turns out it was. It was also a little hard to eat. The Spouse chose to break his in half and eat it like a taco. I left mine open-faced and tried to take delicate little bites so the whole thing didn’t land in my lap. I imagined getting this in a restaurant and having the waiters huddled in the corner, laughing quietly at everyone who tried to eat it without having it land, face down on the floor.

The sweetness of the meat and Hoisin sauce was offset nicely by the goat cheese and the greens. This would be super tasty with no meat too! In fact, I think I would prefer it that way! The greens were a combination of radish and sunflower and they were so good. They added a lot to the dish.


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