Cold Brew Smoothie

cbsHave you tried cold brew yet? I honestly couldn’t tell you what the big deal about it is.

I can tell you I have 12 cans of High Brew Dark Chocolate Mocha that did not live up to the standards set by its brother product, High Brew Double Espresso. Double Espresso was fantastic and I will absolutely get it again.

Now I need to figure out clever ways use it up because it is pretty much the nastiest tasting excuse for coffee I have ever tried.

A co-worker said she was going to put hers (the 15 cans I urged her to buy) in oatmeal and smoothies. That seemed reasonable to me.

Cold Brew Smoothie
10 oz almond milk
4 oz cold brew
1 oz almonds
1/4 cup shredded coconut
6-7 ice cubes

1. Put the ingredients in your blender in the order listed.
2. Start blending on low and gradually increase to high until smoothie is desired consistency.

I also added a half a banana to mine for a little extra potassium boost. All in all, not a bad little breakfast treat. Because my almond milk and coconut are unsweetened, the only sweetness comes from the High Brew and the banana. Very tasty protein filled start to my day!


One thought on “Cold Brew Smoothie

  1. Terri

    You might also try using it in mocha espresso brownies. I had some mocha espresso cans from “another company” and really hated the flavor because it tasted burnt. I used the coffee *using term loosely” in lieu of half the liquid in my favorite brownie recipe and it was excellent. Not as healthy, but very popular!


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