Mini Candy Bar Stuffed Brownies

mcbsbI saw a recipe for cookies made with chopped up candy. Good way to dispose of a decent chunk of Halloween candy. But… not enough butter… no brown sugar… no desire to shop… I decided if I was going to do something like this, and save myself from as much Halloween candy as possible, it was going to have to use things I had on hand.

Thanks to My Faithful Assistant’s love of baking brownies, I usually have brownie mix on hand. Taking the same technique used to make Oreo Stuffed Brownies, I made some:

Mini Candy Bar Stuffed Brownies
1 box of brownie mix prepared according to the instructions
24 mini candy bars, or 12 fun size candy bars cut in half

1. Place the candy into a muffin wrapper in the cup of a muffin tin.
2. Cover with brownie mix.
3. Bake for 20 minutes at the temperature designated for your brownie mix.

Clearly not a difficult thing to make. Twenty-four tasty treats ready in 45 minutes.

Try not to fill the muffin tin cups too full. You want to be able to see the melted candy bar poking through the top of the brownie.


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