Homemade “Biscoff” Cookie Spread

hbcsOriginally posted Dec 17, 2013

Have you heard about the new hip, happening food treat? It’s called Biscoff. It’s a spread made out of cookies. The Food Network Magazine had a great little infographic about it this month. How it started with cookies being served by an airline and the growth into this new food thing.

I have to admit, I didn’t really get it. It’s essentially a spread made out of cookies. What do you do with it? Can you spread it on toast? That seems weird. I guess you can eat it with apples or put it on ice cream.

Since the Food Network was so kind as to provide a recipe, I decided to give it a whirl. The original recipe from the Food Network is here. I’m going to give you two versions of this new wonderful treat. The first is made with the original Biscoff cookies and the second is made with chocolate cookies because, let’s face it. Chocolate is pretty much always better.

Homemade “Biscoff” Cookie Spread
12 Biscoff cookies
6 Anna’s almond crisps
6 Anna’s ginger crisps
3 tbps water
1/4 cup or slightly more Goya light coconut milk

1. Pulverize the cookies in a food processor. I used my Vitamix.
2. Add the water and let sit for a few minutes. The original recipe said 10. I’m not that patient. I think I gave it four.
3. While pulsing your food processor (or with the Vitamix on low), slowly add the coconut milk until a paste forms.
4. Refrigerate. Serve as an ice cream topping or however else you want. Or just eat it with a spoon

Chocolate Cookie Spread
10 Keebler Chocolate Fudge Stripe Cookies
5 Walker Short Bread Cookies
3 tbsp water
up to a 1/2 cup Goya Light Coconut Milk

Follow the steps above.

So that’s it! What was it like? The first one was a lot like having a gingerbread topping on my ice cream. The cookies were pretty highly spiced. It was a nice contrast to the sweet, creaminess of the ice cream and the whipped cream. And I drizzled a little chocolate syrup on for good measure.

I think I liked the chocolate better. It would also be terrific on ice cream. I ultimately decided it would be great on bananas as an after school snack. Kind of like this! ccs

I hope you try it out. Let me know what you think. Definitely not a substitute for peanut butter or Nutella, but it was easy to make and a fun little treat.


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