Slab Pi(e)

slabpiHave you ever had a Slab Pie? I hadn’t before today, but they seem so fun for some reason. A giant pan of pie. What could be better? The slab pie is designed to emphasize the crust. As you can see, there’s a lot of it.

Sadly, the crust on this pie is not homemade. I got the idea on Friday to encourage my coworkers to make pie for Pi Day (3/14) tomorrow and this is my contribution. I used pie crust mix and canned pie filling. I did mix melted butter with sugar and cinnamon to brush on the crust. And as you can see, I took the time to make a criss-cross crust which I’ve never done before.

Basically, any kind of pie that can be made in a traditional pie plate can be made into a slab pie. You will need to triple the amount of crust and double the amount of filling. I couldn’t decide between cherry (personal favorite) and lemon which I also like. So I did both. Another bonus of a slab pie. You have quite a large slate to use for your creation.

If you want to make a traditional pie, here are a couple options:

Crumble Top Apple Pie – from my blog. I used premade crust for this too, but added some fine quality apples with the usual crumble ingredients to make a heavenly pie.

Boston Cream Pie – from The Whole Bag of Chips blog written by my friend Jen. Jen’s birthday treat every year. Lucky gal!

Buzzfeed pie recipes – 17 pie recipes compiled by Buzzfeed. If you haven’t tried a recipe featured on Buzzfeed, now is a good time to do so. They are often very easy to prepare and always delicious.

I hope I’ve inspired you to make some pie!


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  1. Jen

    I love this idea for a work event! I am going to pass it along to my husband, who has planned office pot luck events every month of the school year. This would be a good theme for March next year.


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