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Key Lime Spinach Smoothie

KLSSAs you know, Prince died yesterday. I grew up in Minnesota and was a teen in the 80’s when Prince was coming into the big time. I worked in a movie theater outside Minneapolis when Purple Rain came out. I loved Prince; his music, his spirit, his boldness; everything. I loved that he showed me and other kids that never felt like they fit in, that being us and being different was okay. For a brief time (like 20 minutes) I had a saucy poster of him wearing nothing but a g-string, standing in a shower with a crucifix on the wall. My mother made me take it down pretty fast. His death hit us former Minnesota girls pretty hard. My FB feed was filled with photos, links to videos, sad declarations.

What does another green smoothie have to do with Prince? I should have posted a purple one, right? True. But that’s not me. I love my green smoothies. So, in my own personal tribute to Prince, in which I am being true to myself, I honor him with this…

Key Lime Spinach Smoothie
One container of key lime yogurt
Two handfuls of spinach – probably 2 cups
6-8 ice cubes

  1. Combine all the ingredients in the order listed.
  2. Start blending on low and slowly increase to high until smoothie is desired consistency.

If you have been reading my blog at all, you know that I don’t like my smoothies too sweet. This fit the bill. It was not sweet at all. The delightfully refreshing lime flavor was a prefect morning pick-me-up. I felt very energized.

This is a ton of spinach for one smoothie. If you don’t like that much spinach, drop it to one cup and throw in an apple or banana. I did make this with less spinach and a banana yesterday. It was pretty good. I’m not a huge banana fan but I wanted to potassium so I made the sacrifice.

If you want to make a vegan version of this, use some almond milk (or other dairy free milk you enjoy), some lime zest and a tiny bit of key lime juice – not more than 1/2 tbsp – without any sweetener it could be very bitter. Of course, if you do overdo it, just add a bit of sugar or honey or something.

Would Prince approve? I have no idea what Prince would think of my smoothie. But if all my years, I did not learn from the man that I should be okay being me, than I probably wasn’t listening.

photo credit Us Magazine

photo credit Us Magazine

A rainbow appeared in the sky over Prince’s home and recording studio, Paisley Park. If that isn’t a sign that he is in a better place, I don’t know what is.

RIP, Prince. You will be missed far more than you could possibly have imagined.


Banana Cookie Butter Smoothie

BCBSThere is a reason all these strange items are surrounding my smoothie. It’s been an interesting and not always happy couple weeks. And all these items represent a small obstacle that was put in my path. There were other small obstacles and some bigger ones I won’t get into. You probably had a similar week or two.

The rice to the left of the smoothie was used by My Faithful Assistant to remove the moisture from his phone which he dropped in the sink while simultaneously doing the dishes and answer a classmate’s homework text. Bottom line. Rice worked. The bath was very short. Thankfully. We have no upgrades right now and I wasn’t looking forward to paying full retail for a new phone. Crisis averted.

The black things in front of it are pieces of my license plate holder. They broke off and fell to the ground after my car was backed into in front of my son’s dorm. No damage done. The young driver took off though. It was quite the scene with me, screaming and cursing and a sympathetic student chasing after the perpetrator. So much drama.

The fruit cups to the right represent how overwhelmed I have been lately.  My Faithful Assistant had both of these in his lunch on Tuesday. Why? Because he didn’t eat his fruit on Monday, and while I saw that Tuesday morning, my head was not in the lunch making game and he got a second one. He ate neither and not so silently wondered if he was going to get three on Wednesday, etc… He did not.

So now it’s Friday and I am safely in my kitchen and It’s time for breakfast. I wanted a treat. I was successfully able to avoid Chick-fil-a chicken minis all week which has been no easy task for me lately. The Chick-fil-a by work has a crazy efficient drive through. Too efficient. So time to combine something tasty with the healthy ingredients I usually put in my smoothie. And I came up with this delightful concoction…

Banana Cookie Butter Smoothie
10 1 12 oz almond milk
1 banana
1 heaping tablespoon cookie butter of choice – I used Speculoos Cookie and Cocoa Swirl
6 or 7 pieces of ice

  1. Place all the ingredients in your blender in the order listed.
  2. Start blending on low and slowly increase the speed until smoothie is desired consistency.

This was a nice treat. I added some vegan protein powder so that it would have a little staying power and get me to lunch. Success! I would totally make this again, and add some fresh or frozen berries, too.

My week has settled down. Back to the mundane tasks of suburban life. I will happily dive into them. Very happily.


Brownie in a Mug

BiaMAt some point in my brief and very inconsistent history of using Pinterest, I pinned this recipe for Brownie in a Mug. For the past month or so, this recipe has been liked and repinned like crazy. It’s not mine. I don’t know how long ago I pinned it and I never made it. Until tonight.

Spring break is over and it’s time to go back to the reality of school and work. We aren’t really thrilled about this but it is what it it. So what better time to take comfort in a warm brownie than right now.

Brownie in a Mug
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup flour
The tiniest dash of salt you can manage
2 tbsp cocoa
2 tbsp oil
3 tbsp water
Dash of vanilla (not in the original)

  1. Combine the dry ingredients in the mug.
  2. Add the water, oil, and vanilla and stir until smooth. Add more water if needed. I needed to add at least double the water and did so one tbsp at a time.
  3. Microwave for 90 seconds.
  4. Serve topped with ice cream or whipped cream or both, like I did.

It was not the most exciting spring break for My Faithful Assistant. He broke his hand, which I may or may not have mentioned and is uncomfortable and unable to do much of anything. School is going to be difficult for him tomorrow because, naturally, it’s his dominant hand which leaves him unable to write. He also can’t play his cello (not that he’s heartbroken about that) or swim. So a nice warm brownie was the perfect treat for him.

As for the brownie, it’s dense and rich. I do miss the slight crust on the top of a fresh baked brownie but this was a very tasty and fast treat. And this would be easy for a child to prepare on their own. I also liked that it contains no eggs. In case you didn’t notice, it’s actually vegan! You can keep it that way by topping it with your favorite non-dairy ice cream or whipped cream.

We make Nutella Mug Cake from time to time, which you can find on my friend Jen’s blog, The Whole Bag of Chips. It’s the Faithful Assistant’s favorite treat. He is a huge nutella fan. I can live without the stuff. Please don’t tell Jen. She may disown me.

If you are headed back to the reality of life tomorrow, I hope you have a good day. And if it isn’t the greatest day, take comfort in the fact that this yummy treat can be ready to make you feel better in under five minutes.