French Press Cold Brew

fpcbIf I were the kind of blogger who had an actual editorial calendar, I would plan out my posts and I would hit all the cute little food holidays and other life events that scream for a special recipe. I am not. I apologize for that. But thanks for tuning in anyway!

The Well Organized Blogger would have posted this recipe in time for all the tired parents to enjoy already prepared coffee, fresh from the fridge, as they got their kids off to school. Again. I apologize for that. But here we are, Labor Day weekend. Sort of a respite from the back to school grind and I have a nice treat for you.

French Press Cold Brew
3/4 ground coffee
3 1/2 cups water
French Press coffee pot

  1. Combine the coffee and water in your French Press pot. Stir.
  2. Push the plunger down just far enough so you can get the pot into the fridge. DO NOT PLUNGE ALL THE WAY! You want the coffee to float around the water a bit.
  3. Refrigerate for 24 hours.

Surely you’ve seen Cold Brew at your favorite coffee shop. If you’ve tried it, you hopefully found it to be slightly less bitter than regular iced coffee made with hot coffee that is allowed to cool. I did. In fact, I drink my regular iced coffee with plenty of milk and I had no problem drinking this black. I also enjoyed it with my favorite chocolate almond coconut milk as pictured.

I truly had no idea that Cold Brew was so easy to make. I thought it required some fancy equipment. I’m so happy I was wrong! And now you know! So skip that trip to Starbucks! Pop your old French Press into the fridge and you’ll be ready for the morning rush on Tuesday.

My only complaint with Cold Brew is that it does require more coffee grounds than coffee brewed with hot water. And for some reason, we have been going through a lot of coffee lately! Could be that My Faithful Assistant has started high school and is now having an iced latte every day. Therefore, in order to conserve my precious beans, I will save this recipe for special occasions only.


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