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Parmesan Broth

parmbrothOne day, while scrolling through FaceBook, I came across this recipe from Epicurious for Parmesan Broth and I was awestruck… smitten… overcome. It didn’t occur to me that parmesan rinds were a thing and that they were a useful thing for making broth. I had to try it.

Off I trotted to Wegman’s Cheese Counter to ask the lovely cheese lady if she would be so kind as to carve a chunk of rind off her precious wheel of parmesan so I may partake of this culinary adventure. She pointed to a display, “They’re on the front of that display.” Clearly, I am the ONLY one who had no idea.

I didn’t have the recipe handy when I was at the store. I had a vague remembrance of the photo. It included the rinds, herbs, onion, and garlic. Onion and garlic are always on hand. I grabbed a packet of fresh poultry herbs, finished my shopping, and headed home to my broth making extravaganza!

Parmesan Broth
1/2 lb parmesan rinds
1 pack or a couple ounces fresh herbs, like rosemary, thyme, oregano, etc
3 or more cloves of garlic, chopped
1/2 onion, cut into quarters
salt and pepper
2 quarts of water

  1. Combine all the ingredients in a slow cooker set on low for 6-8 hours.
  2. When done, set a colander over a large bowl and pour the broth into the colander to remove the rinds, herbs, and bits of garlic and onion.

This is probably my favorite broth in the whole wide world now. I will now have to keep parmesan rinds on hand at all times. I may even post on FaceBook, asking friends to give me theirs.

We used our first batch of broth to make chicken and rice. It was amazing. We made it in our new pressure cooker so it was ready very quickly. That was nice. But the flavor and aroma would have totally been worth waiting for.

The picture is from the batch My Faithful Assistant whipped up after school this week. Yes, it’s that easy that an 8th grader can make it. And now he’s looking forward to coming up with some interesting ways to use it.