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Eggs and Wilted Greens

ewgA couple of the egg sandwiches I was served at Whole Foods this week had greens on them. Fine with me! If you are a consistent follower of my blog, you know I am a huge fan of greens and I eat them pretty much daily in some form.

After having way too many treats over the holidays, and suffering a bout of the flu (I know I should stop talking about it), I was anxious to get back to a healthy eating routine. Protein, fiber, vitamins and other nutrients in their natural form were in order. So I combined some bacon, greens and egg and made…

Eggs and Wilted Greens (1 serving)
1 egg
A generous handful of your favorite greens – I used assorted baby greens
2 pieces of bacon – I used turkey bacon

1. Chop up your bacon and cook until it’s crisp. Feel free to cheat by putting it in the microwave.
2. Throw your greens in the pan with the bacon and heat until wilted, about five minutes.
3. Move the greens and bacon over and cook your egg however you prefer. I like mine over hard.
4. Serve the egg on top of the greens or next to it. Feel free to throw this all on an English Muffin.

Delicious, fast and nutritious. If you’ve been lured by those egg white sandwiches in the freezer case and at various coffee shops, I encourage you to try this instead. If the cooking time for the bacon is a deterrent, you can leave it out. Or you can pre-cook and have it ready to heat and eat. This took me about five minutes to make. You spend more time in line at the coffee shop.