Sandy Hook Soup

Our hearts are broken this morning. An unspeakable thing has happened. We feel powerless, sad, angry, sad again. We want to pull the covers over our heads and pretend yesterday never happened. But we must forge ahead. So let’s forge ahead together over a pot of soup.

Do you remember the story of Stone Soup? Two wandering men have only a pot and no one would share any food with them. They are so hungry and tired. But they have an idea. They fill the pot with water and add a stone, and set it over a fire. Curious villagers come to inquire. “We’re making Stone Soup.” Slowly, they convince the villagers to bring items to add to the soup. Spices, vegetables, a bit of meat. Soon, the pot of water is a hearty meal for all to share.

Let’s make some Sandy Hook Soup today. Let’s gather with our friends and loved ones. Let’s all bring something for the soup. And while the soup is simmering in a big pot on the stove, let’s remember to love everyone and look out for everyone and be there for everyone. Say the prayer of your faith. Bow your head in silence.

Here’s a list of things for your Sandy Hook Soup:


Saute the meat and put everything in a big pot and let it simmer. Make sure all the ingredients are covered with liquid. Then spend the 4 or 5 hours while it cooks to perfection with the people you love most.

And hug your kids. Lots.

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