Zesty Tomato Soup

While it’s not terribly cold right now in Central Maryland, it is January and that means cold weather in most parts of the country. Personally, I think cold weather is best faced with a piping hot bowl of tomato soup. And a Zesty Tomato Soup is even better for chasing away the chill. And with a veggie broth, this is a VEGAN soup!

Zesty Tomato Soup
2 quarts broth of choice
1 – 14.5 oz can diced tomatoes
1 – 12 oz can tomato paste
2 cloves garlic, crushed
Dash of cayenne
Dash of chili powder

Combine all ingredients in a soup kettle. Stir until the tomato paste has been completely incorporated through the broth.  Heat for 30-60 minutes.

I topped this soup with shredded sharp cheddar and served it with a quesadilla; a tiny bit of an update to the classic tomato soup and grilled cheese.

If you’re looking to jazz this up even more you can add any or all of the following ingredients:

Crumbled bacon or sausage
Diced chili peppers
Spinach (cooked and drained)
Black Beans
Diced chicken

Add everything except the bacon/sausage and spinach, top with crumbled tortilla chips and you have a very fast Chicken Tortilla Soup!


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