Maple Glazed Salmon

As promised, I am finding some interesting things to do with all my maple syrup. Here’s an easy glaze for grilled salmon you might enjoy!

Maple Glazed Salmon
1/4 cup maple syrup
One to two oz vinegar of choice – I used rice vinegar because that was all I had
Two oz chopped cherries

1. Put the liquids in a measuring cup.
2. Add the chopped cherries until the total amount of stuff you have is 5-6 oz (depending on if you used one or two ounces of vinegar),
3. Blend it all until smooth.
4. Pour over uncooked salmon and marinate for at least six hours.
5. Grill to perfection!

Did you notice that I have a half a plate of veggies? And I’m happy to report that everyone had the same amount of veggies and everyone ate them all! The salmon had a slightly sweet flavor and I love the way the sugar made the meat charred in places. Yum!

I’m still coming up with new and interesting ways to use my maple syrup. Next up, something for breakfast!


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