Golden Onion Soup

gosFor several weeks now, I’ve had a desire to make some sort of Onion Soup. This probably stems from the fact that I ended up with about a dozen onions of different types. Not a clue how that happened.

The obvious first choice was French Onion Soup, but I have to be honest. I’m not a fan. I won’t go into details.

As you may have noticed, many of my soups are smooth or have small pieces of meat or veggies. This is done to keep them desk friendly. I end up eating lunch at my desk most days. My IT department would prefer if I kept my soup in its container or in my mouth, as opposed to on my computer. I do my best to comply.

Back to the Onion Soup. I had sweet onions, red onions, shallots, leeks, and that relative of the onion; garlic. I decided that I would simply saute them all in olive oil, add some broth, puree and call my creation:

Golden Onion Soup
2 cups chopped onions of any variety you like
olive oil
salt and pepper
1 quart broth – I used chicken
1/2 cup cream, half and half, milk or other dairy product of your choice
1/2 cup shredded smoked provolone or another smoky or hearty and flavorful cheese

1. Saute the onions in the olive oil until soft. I kept the heat low. I was doing other things and didn’t have time to babysit. My faithful assistant did stir for me from time to time.
2. Add the broth and salt and pepper and stir.
3. Using an immersion blender or another blender, blend until as smooth as you like.
4. Add the cream and cheese.
5. Serve!

I would serve pretty small portions of this. It’s quite flavorful and very filling for a one cup serving. I could see adding a little sherry and some lobster to make this the base for a heavenly Lobster Bisque.

There’s been a request for fondue for Christmas Eve so I will probably add some butter and flour to a cup or two of this and turn it into a nice fondue for bread. Too bad I don’t have the old fondue set from my mom’s house. We’ll just have to tough it out old school with little individual cups and forks.

Let me know what else you would do to this soup. Enjoy!

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