Gadget Free Bacon Bowl

gfbbI’m sure by now you’ve see the commercial for the Bacon Bowl Makers. It’s a little upside down muffin cup that you wrap with bacon and place in the oven or microwave. Voila! You have the perfect little bowl to fill with…whatever! It’s tempting isn’t it? You can think of a million things to fill it with. DON’T DO IT!!!! You don’t have to! You have a perfectly good little thing in your cabinet for making your own gadget free bacon bowl.

Gadget Free Bacon Bowl
One Pyrex 6 oz. prep bowl
3 1/2 pieces of regular or turkey bacon

1. Place the Pyrex bowl upside down on a microwave safe plate.
2. Wrap the Pyrex with bacon.
3. Microwave for three minutes or until your bacon is as crispy as you like it.
4. Flip prepared bacon bowl onto a plate and fill.

My faithful assistant filled his with leftover fish cakes topped with a little mozzarella. It was a nice hearty breakfast for him as he faces another cold day here in Central Maryland. And it started off with a good laugh at the breakfast table. He was so enamored of the bacon bowl maker that we had just seen on TV and was astounded we could make them without a shipping or handling charge!

I’m sure your plans today include making something hearty that will be perfect in these gems. WARNING! Not good for soup!



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