Four Soups to Keep You Warm

foursoupsIf you haven’t noticed, I happen to like soup a lot. If you haven’t further noticed, it is kind of perfect soup weather everywhere in the US right now. I am reposting some of my favorite soups that I think you will find to be an excellent way to combat this cold snap. Most of them can be made very quickly and can also be easily turned into vegan soup by using vegetable broth and leaving out any dairy.

zesty t

Zesty Tomato Soup – This is a very fast soup to make. It has a nice little kick to it to warm your insides while your outsides battle the elements.

creamy lCreamy Lentil – This is possibly my favorite soup. I often make this in the morning cold and heat it at work. It’s hearty and healthy. If you haven’t tried lentils, this would be a good introduction.

spicy cSpicy Cauliflower – Another spicy soup. This is also very fast. Leave out the dairy and use vegetable broth to make a vegan version of this soup.

crabCrab Potato Chowder – Nice and thick and hearty. You can use clams instead of crab or shrimp or even chicken. Chowder is great for chasing away the cold.

Stay safe and warm these next few days. It’s the perfect time to snuggle up with everyone. I bet you can even get your teenagers to stay in the room with you.


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