Homemade Mint Foot Scrub

hmfsI have a lot of mint that has been shared with some garden critters. I really just let it grow. No fertilizer. No pesticide. No attention what so ever. So my garden friends get to share in my bounty. I’m not comfortable using the gnawed leaves for food or drink, but I’m fine with using them cosmetically.

I love sea salt scrubs but they can be very pricey. This homemade foot scrub is very affordable and works pretty well, too.

Homemade Mint Foot Scrub
1 handful of sea salt
2 tbsp of olive oil
Chopped mint leaves

1. Mush everything with a mortar and pestle. I got mine a couple years ago for about $10 as an Asian market. We use it very often.
2. If your scrub is too loose, add more salt and mix a little more.
3. Scrub your feet. Refrigerate any unused portion.

Do I need to tell you to be careful using this in the shower? I guess I should. Your feet will be very slippery after you apply this. I recommend sitting on the edge of the tub to apply this. Or in the tub. If you’re going to use it in the shower, please be careful. You don’t want to fall on your keister after you make your feet so smooth! You want to be able to walk around in lovely, open toe shoes and show them off!


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