Pumpkin Love: No Kid Hungry

pumpkincollageHave you noticed that orange has become the color of hunger? Through No Kid Hungry, schools, restaurants and regular people everywhere are taking up the cause to end childhood hunger.

In my own community, an astonishing 52% of the children at the closest elementary school qualify for free or assisted meals. I saw the number and it knocked my socks off. I have heard the stories from people close to me of what it was like going to bed hungry and hoping that the next day would bring food.

My friend Jen of The Whole Bag of Chips is also very passionate about doing something about childhood hunger. In her own community last year, she and her daughters and husband rallied everyone from the Mayor to many schools to this cause. They raised about $1000 and collected several hundred pounds of food for the local food bank. And they’re doing it again this year, on October 31st.

Jen and I love pumpkin. Love it! It’s orange and now, it reminds us that, while we enjoy all our delicious pumpkin treats, there are families that won’t have these treats. They will barely have cereal for breakfast or PB&J for lunch.

So we bring you four fun pumpkin recipes that are very tasty. And while you make them and enjoy them, we hope you will think of some things that you and your family can do to help end childhood hunger.

52% of the kids who attend the elementary school four blocks from my home need help with meals. That is a very sobering statistic. Pumpkin up and help us bring an end to childhood hunger.

Pumpkin Soup – Lowfat, healthy and hearty! This a great soup to throw in the slow cooker and head off for a day of errands. Yum!

Pilgrim Pies – Also known as Whoopie Pies, these are so much fin to make and even more fun to eat! We encourage you to work them into your schedule the next time the kids are off from school.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread – You can use dried cranberries instead of chocolate chips. Or divide the recipe in half and do one loaf of each! We’ve made this bread with as little as 1/4 cup of oil. Truly a lowfat, delicious breakfast or snack bread.

Pumpkin Spice Chex Mix  – We love homemade Chex Mix. And there are so many varieties out there! This is one our fall favorites!


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