Brussels Sprouts and Brown Rice Saute

bsbrsIt’s the time of year when summer is winding down and we’re all trying not to panic about fall and all the chaos that ensues.

My fall is going to involve some change as The Teenager heads off to college and My Faithful Assistant starts swimming year round. Time to step up my game in the “prep food in advance” department. Or at least my “fast and healthy recipes one.

I saw a couple posts on Facebook this weekend that intrigued me. The first was for 31 days of slow cooker meals. I didn’t love them. I liked the idea of them. Chop some meat and veggies, bag, and freeze. Grab a bag. Throw it in the slow cooker and VOILA! Dinner is served. If only I could get off so easily. There were maybe two recipes that my family would love. And we do like a vegetarian meal once in a while and this collection had no vegetarian options.

The second post was five ways to make lunch from a big pot of rice. This one I could appreciate. It provided some basic ideas for using rice in several different ways, several of which could be made without meat. Happiness.

The first idea was a basic rice bowl. Rice, veggies, some herbs if you like. I could do that. I decided to make one with Brussels Sprouts and Brown Rice. Yum!

Brussels Sprouts and Brown Rice Saute
1 leek, chopped and rinsed
3 cups of Brussels Sprouts, Chopped
2 packs of pre-cooked brown rice – 3-4 cups
Olive oil
Balsamic Vinaigrette

1. Saute the leeks in olive oil on medium heat until the whitest parts start to get translucent.
2. Add the chopped Brussels Sprouts and cook until they start to wilt.
3. Add your rice and stir until warm.
4. Drizzle with Balsamic Vinaigrette and stir.

I have a problem with those little packs of pre-cooked rice. I love them. I do not love making rice and I don’t really want another small appliance so I will not get a rice cooker. I do make rice in the microwave and that’s okay. But these little packs are so much more convenient. I really love them. Really. A Lot. Have I made my point yet?

Believe or not, everyone ate this. I think The Teenager did it grudgingly because one of his friends had dinner with us and he didn’t want to look like a wimp. I didn’t care. Victory was still mine. And I have enough left for at least two lunches.

And FYI – vegan. Super healthy. Low in fat. SO GOOD!


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