Cherry Pinot Freeze

cpfSometimes a mom just needs a little treat. I have to say, this creation really hit the spot last night. The combination of the cherries and the Pinot Noir was very nice. The flavors really complimented each other well.

Cherry Pinot Freeze
2 cups frozen cherries – unsweetened please
1/2 cup Pinot Noir or other red wine

  1. Combine the wine and cherries in a high power blender, and starting on low, blend.
  2. Gradually increase the speed until smooth. You will need to use the tamper to keep things moving. Add more wine if it’s too thick.

I expect this would be really good with any frozen fruit and wine combination. It was different than my Sangria Smoothie since it was just one kind of fruit. It had a very full rich flavor. Yum!

My spring break is just around the corner. I will most likely need to work from home tomorrow in addition to my usual work from home Friday since My Faithful Assistant has gone and banged up another limb. So while he convalesces with his arm wrapped in an Ace bandage from his wrist to just above his elbow, another Cherry Pinot Freeze may be in order for me!


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